Summer Cocktails For Your Skin


Sun, sea, sand and sangria fill our dreams for the summer months and even if it is not possible to get the sea, sand and possibly sun, you can always get a delicious cocktail to celebrate the summer.  

Cocktails are not just for drinking though, you can now indulge in skincare cocktails, perfect for the summer months.  Inspired by the margaritas, pina coladas and all the other tasty offerings found on the menus of beach front bars and luxurious hotels, Boozi Body Care have created a collection that smells so good, you ant to pour it into a glass and devour it.  Don’t do that though, because these cocktails are purely for treating your skin, you’ll need to go the bar to get an actual drink!

 Kir selection black competition

Boozi Body Care’s menu of cocktail inspired body washes, lip balms, hand creams and bubble baths include:

  • French Martini Delightfully sweet and fruity!
    Pina Colada –  A fruity, exotic and truly tropical Cocktail! 
    Cheeky Woo Woo –  Fruity and fabulously popular!
    Kir Royale – A glitzy, glamorously sweet cocktail!
    Mango & Ginger Margarita Cool and fiery

Fresh, sun-kissed and exotic, they all smell divine, like a holiday on far flung shores, you can almost feel the sand between your toes, hear the summer beats of the distant music and practically taste the cocktails in your hand.  Of course, as we said you can’t drink them, instead you smother your body lips and hands in the scent of summer holiday.

They are really vivid and refreshing, our favourites have to be the Firery Ginger and Cool Mango Margarita Cleansing Body Wash.  It is tantalisingly fruity, a scent that makes your mouth water and smile.  Laving you feeling clean and smelling fabulously fruity, even the bottle is reminiscent of a summer sunset.

Our other pick of the bunch is definitely Cheeky Woo Woo, a moisturising hand cream that is packed with the aromas of peaches and cranberries.  It sinks deep into the skin, reviving dry hands and leaving them nourished with the coconut oil it contains.

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