Summer Skin Care


The summer looks set to be hot, dry and that can only mean that our skin will need some extra special care to look after.  With that in mind we wanted to have a look at a few things that can help you on the way to protected, clean and nourished skin!


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Foot Magic

The summer can be really hard on our feet, so they need some extra love and attention at this time of year.  Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is made using pure cocoa butter and natural emollients, enriched with Vitamin E.  Foot Magic will soothe and soften even the toughest of skin and with added peppermint oil  to invigorate and refresh poor, tired feet.

The formula melts into the skin with no stickiness, leaving it soft and smelling delightful!


Lotil Cream

The delicate almond aroma is comforting and the rich thick cream is soothing and nourishing.  Penetrating deep into the skin, Lotil moisturises even the toughest of skin on the feet.  Containing Aloe Vera to protect and revitalise, this cream is perfect for any feet suffering with dryness.

High res - oilPhytalotion & Phytaoil

Targeting the appearance of scars and stretch marks, these Phytacol products moisturise and tone the skin.  Both the oil and lotion are suitable for those people wishing to tackle these areas.  Both contain the same active ingredients including natural Rosehip extract.


The formulation will aid the appearance of scars, reducing tightness and the profile.

Stretch Marks

Using Phyta products during changes to the body size and shape can help massively to reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  They can also be used on existing stretch marks, just massage into the body twice daily.

Photo Aged Skin

The final way that Phytaoil and lotion can help skin, is when dealing with skin that has been aged by the sun.  Helping to protect and moisturise the skin, it helps retain natural oils.



Expertly developed sun protection that comes in a range of categories, ensuring you get the right protection for your skin.  Including Family, Extreme, Glimmer, Sports, Face, Aftersun and Lip, Ultrasun was developed by Swiss sun care experts.

This protection for your skin needs only be applied once a day and will give high level, water resistant and long lasting safety against the harmful rays of the sun.

The collection has a range of sun protection factors and can be purchased from QVC, John Lewis, Waitrose and other outlets.


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