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Sundays in England mean only one thing, the big old traditional Sunday roast.  Since time immemorial, us English have been famed for our Sunday lunches with all the trimmings, but what makes the perfect dinner for this special occasion?  This is something people will definitely differ over, but here are a few of our favourites here at Erisea HQ.

IMG_0045Roast Chicken

Probably the most eaten of roasts, chicken is a time-honoured favourite at the Sunday dinner table.  Whether it is cooked plain, roasted with garlic and butter, smothered in herbs or with a more exotic covering, the perfectly roasted chicken is full of flavoured, juicy and tender.  

Roast Beef

The most traditional of all roasts, beef is the nations dish.  How it is cooked will be something of a debate, some like it well done, almost burnt to a crisp on the outside, but others prefer is soft and pink on the inside.

Roast Lamb

Juicy, succulent lamb is another meat that we love to pair with our Sunday Lunch.  Absolutely delicious with a splash of mint sauce, encrusted in rosemary and garlic. 

Roast Pork

Apple sauce and well cooked pork, is the last of our offerings today and is only acceptable in our houses if it comes with perfectly cooked cracking! 

All The Trimmings

Again, another debate as to what the best accompaniments for our Sunday Dinner is but we think that it would be incomplete without roast potatoes, mashed potato, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, roasted parsnips, cabbage, petit-pois, broccoli, cauliflower and lashings of gravy.


There is no point setting out to make a delicious dinner without the proper equipment, so we have searched high and low to bring you a few of our top picks to help you in this endeavour! 


Courtey of Premier Housewares

Courtesy of Premier Housewares

The Orange Leaf kitchenware set is beautifully chic in mottled grey and muted orange.  The range covers tea, coffee and sugar pots, ramekins with lids, oven dishes and utensils, but we really love the apron, coasters and matching oven cloves.  The delicate skeleton leaves, floats gently on the cotton fabric, bring a sophisticated look to any kitchen.

To find out more or for your nearest stockist check out Premier Housewares website. 

Courtesy of Stellar Cookware

Courtesy of Stellar Cookware

Preparation & Roasting

Chopping and Slicing

Before the dinner goes in the oven you need to prepare all the ingredients and for that you need a good knife.  Stellar Cookware have a wonderful range of knives that will serve you well when it comes to getting your dinner ready and indeed for carving the meat once it is cooked.  

We particularly like the Taiku range, favouring the Santoku Knife.  It is a 16cm (6 1/2″) knife with a razor-sharp edge which has the optimum profile for cutting your ingredients.  It is a clever knife that can be easily handled by both left and right-handed people, it is dishwasher safe and even comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

To find out more or for your nearest stockist check out Stellar Cookware website. 

Courtesy of Stellar Cookware

Courtesy of Stellar Cookware


There is no way you can get a Sunday dinner cooked without a decent roasting tin in which to bake your meat.  Stellar Cookware again have caught our attention with their Hard Anodised Roasting Tray With Handle.  This clean, sleek, large roasting tray measures 36 x 26 x 7cm.  Being anodised the tray will not rust, peel or flake and is resistant to scuffing and scratches, you can even use metal utensils on it.

To find out more or for your nearest stockist check out Stellar Cookware website. 


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