Sunscreens and SPF Moisturisers

Applying sunscreen is very important to prevent premature ageing. A broad spectrum sunscreen will protect you from UVA and UVB rays. In the simplest form, UVA rays are associated with premature ageing and wrinkles and UVB rays are associated with sunburn. Using a good quality broad spectrum sunscreen with help protect you from skin cancer.
Here is a comparison of some of the best sunscreens around at the moment.
P20 SPF30 – best for all day protection
P20 is a broad spectrum sunscreen that provides up to 10 hours of protection in a unique alcohol based formula. The very water resistant formula is transparent and non greasy. Available from factor 15 to factor 50 it is designed so that one application a day is sufficient for protection.

This product provides brilliant coverage, in one application. I would however reapply it after swimming especially if you towel dried. It has a slight alcohol smell and has a transparent faint yellow liquid, but it absorbs well into the skin and is quick drying. The spray lotion is easy to use for convenience, and the fact that it is long lasting is a major plus point.
Lavera Sensitive suncream SPF30 – best organic suncream
The Lavera Sun Cream Sensitive SPF30 is a rich, water resistant sunscreen that works instantly and contains organic Evening Primrose Oil that protects the skin against the sun, whilst calming and soothing sensitive and allergy prone skin. Fragrance, preservative and colourant free.
The white cream applies well to the skin and is non greasy. If feels nourishing on and moisturising. Perfect for those with dry and combination skin. The fact that this product is organic and the tube is easy to pop in your bag for touch ups throughout the day are great selling points too.
Clinique Even Better dark spot defense SPF45 – best for pigmentation
Clinque Even Better Dark Spot Defense has been formulated to prevent dark spots and hyper pigmentation. This non chemical sunscreen has a tinted appearance and can be used alone or under makeup and on the thin skin around the eyes and on the face. Their patent-pending Invisible Screen™ technology looks and feels ‘barely there’ and looks natural on all skin tones.
If you have slightly dark pigmentation on your cheekbones where the sun catches your face, this would be great to help prevent any more forming. The cream is lightweight and rubs well into the face, giving a slight sheen. If you have excellent skin you could wear this product on its own, however for extra coverage wear it under a foundation.
Jan Marini Physical Protectant – best luxury face tint

The newest Jan Marini sun protection product is weightless, offering a sheer tint and a matt finish. Green tea extract and alpha bisabolol provide enhanced free radical protection whilst calming the skin and soothing it from sun exposure. It is a broad spectrum sun product offering UVA and UVB sun protection and is packed full of antioxidants. It has a formula that absorbs oil as well.

This product feels silky on and melts easily into to the skin. It has a very light tint and is fragrance free so would not clash with perfume or body products. It is great that it is oil free and does not alter the consistency of my foundation when applied on top. It can be used as a primer to help makeup last well into the night.
Sun Sense Anti-ageing Face SPF50 – best anti-ageing

This facial product contains alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and combines a high SPF of 50 with a broad spectrum protection. This means it protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. From Australia’s number one sunscreen company, this product is also available in a matt invisible tint finish and a daily face tint.

The product applies as a light lotion that quickly becomes colourless, no white cast like some sunscreens. An oil free product this is excellent for those with oily or combination skin. Packed full of Vitamin E and B3, it is nourishing and with no fragrance a perfect product for those with sensitive skin that want a high level of SPF. For those of all ages but particularly relevant if you are worried about the signs of ageing. The tinted version of their products add a gentle colour to the skin and sinks in well.
Aubrey Natural Sun SPF 30 – best for sensitive skin
This natural broad spectrum sunscreen by Aubrey Organics has a rich antioxidant blend. If you haven’t heard of this brand before they are a natural and certified organic company based in the US. The formulation of their Natural Sun protection SPF30, protects and soothes the skin with green tea, organic jojoba and sunflower oils, whilst zinc oxide and titanium dioxide deflects the suns rays protecting you from UVA and UVB rays. 
This product applies and rubs into the skin well, and feels rich and nourishing. It has a creamy colour but no white cast when rubbed in well. It’s fragrance free formula won’t clash with your perfume and it is kind on sensitive skin. A big plus point of this product is that it is water resistant for up to 40 minutes, perfect for a quick dip in the sea. For a lighter sunscreen the Natural Sun Saving Face SPF15 is light enough to wear under makeup to protect the delicate skin on the face.

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    Thank you for this fantastic post. Suncreams/lotions become so confusing with prices that don’t always product match. Im really keen to use the Aubrey Natural, I’ve sensitive skin, I like the idea of green tea being smoothing and the natural oil. Fab lots of new brands here I have never heard of before. Thank you

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