From the Year 2015 – Super Mega Baseball: Extra Innings


Baseball Cartoon styled video game. Interested? Read on….


We got a chance to play the PC version but the game is also available on Xbox 1, PS4 and PS3.  Who’s ready for some Baseball!!!!


A hilarious hardball game, that parodies the characters,  the stadiums, the baseball pitches and hits – all in one a game.  It plays off with ultra-tight batting/pitching mechanics, a novel difficulty system dubbed “Ego”, and a deep baseball simulation with accurate physics and comprehensive statistics tracking.
Game features:

  • 1-4 players, solo or co-op play
  • Realistic baseball simulation
  • Acclaimed ‘Ego’ difficulty system
  • Account and team progression
  • Comprehensive stat tracking
  • Character customization






With a baseball game, it all relys on the controls.  They work terrifically, it plays simple and easy for those who need it too. However the “ego” difficulty setting builds the game to a terrific challenge for better players.

The pitching is intuitive and has a good depth. Playing to the curve of the different type of pitches was a challenge but getting to see it is good.

Batting can be a bit lacking until you find the controller thumbstick controls. Contact or Power is in the choices. The buttons will just hit it but if you choose to use the thumbsticks – more control and more action.

It took us a while to find that out.





A good cartoon baseball game with terrific styling. From the stadiums to the faces of the players – good fun.

Controls are good and intuitive with good depth in difficulty.

A good change of pace from the average Baseball game.

4 out of 5


For More Info:

Game Website – Click Here

Steam Page – Click Here

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