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A “World Renowned” dating coach Richard La Ruina brings the first “seduction simulator” to PC, Mac and PS4. It is already being called the most controversial game of 2018, so it intrigued me enough to give it a go and see what all the fuss was about. Intrigued?  Read on….



Super Seducer aims to teach players the tricks of the seduction trade. With each of the levels acting as the different everyday scenarios that you might meet a beautiful woman and want to seduce. 




From the beginning, opening the game up cringe levels are set to high. From the “seduction” music to the photos having only one bloke and lots of different women – screams “womaniser sim”.  However getting past that thought and moving on further – you do see good elements to the game. 

The stories in each level seem to be very scripted and does not offer the “freedom” of choice it advertises – however it does sort of work. At each point in the story, you get choices to go one way, another way or a creepy way. Going the wrong way, you get the reasons why it is wrong. Going the creepy way could end with a game over screen (as seen below).

The game tries to entice you to get each story point right. Get it right and you get the bloke sat on the bed with two women in their underwear, explaining what you did right.  Get it wrong, you just get the bloke telling you off.



Go too far!! GAME OVER.



I tried each of the scenarios and some were better than others. The spacebar skip button was paramount to my success in getting through the cringe-worthy storylines. The hints about how to tackle the dating field were actually quite good, however it got hidden to far into the game. I asked myself would I play it again. Maybe. 

Its premise is sound but its overall presentation and the use of only one bloke was off-putting and cringe-worthy at times (that’s coming from a bloke too). Would love to have seen the 6 or so options conveyed by different bloke actors with different personality and physical traits. So, it can tackle more specific areas, rather than generic advice.  Imagine throwing a geeky bloke into a bar, how who he tackle the situation compared to a jock.

Think about it as his clients tackling the dating scene and the coach being the coach. Like Will Smith in Hitch, he guided them to the correct course of action.  It does have those type of elements but hides it’s value with two scantly clad women on a bed.

3/5 – its meaning and purpose is good for the most part. Overall presentation reduces it to a 3.



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