Super Simple Melted Chocolate Nails



Looking for some Chocolate inspired nails, this quick tutorial will give you fun chocolate melted, dripping nails. No need to worry its not hard. With just a little bit of patience you will find its really quite easy to get the same look.

Firstly we have painted the nails with purple very similar to a famous brand of milk chocolate. Do the first coat and let it dry.


If you find your polish is streaky on the first coat and are worried it won’t get great coverage in two coats, just apply a thin coat of matte topcoat. let it dry.

Then apply the second coat and it should cover much better, leave it to dry.

Using water based acrylic paint in brown just paint a drippy running pattern line, use a dotting tool to add the drops but drag each dot up slightly to create the drip shape. If you haven’t got acrylic paint you can use polish but its harder to work with.


The acrylic might look strange for nails but its completely fine, its water based and non toxic.

Then using white just highlight the right hand edges of the dripping chocolate to give it a 3D effect. Don’t worry about it all appearing rough the top coat takes care of it all.


Once its all completely dry apply a good coat of topcoat. Then you are finished.




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