Sweeping Vintage Glamour


Studio_publicity_Gene_TierneyVintage is very vogue right now and in our opinion there is nothing classier than the style of the 1940’s Hollywood Sirens who always looked impeccable with their flawless make up.  You only need look at legendary Judy Garland and Gene Tierney to know what we are talking about.  There was a certain beauty in the simplicity they has back then and today we would love nothing more than be able to emulate this stunning look for ourselves.

There is one stand out component with a 1930’s/40’s vintage look and that is the lashes.  Everyone Judy_Garland_-_publicityseemed to have the most incredibly long and luscious lashes known to man back then.  They are definitely a key feature of achieving an authentic period style.

One problem that a lot of us face is the lack of lash.  Lack of lash is a serious issue when you want to have a little Hollywood glamour in your life.  There really are only a few choice to solve this issue:

  • Forget long lashes and embrace your own with every bit of love you have in your heart
  • use false lashes
  • try lash extensions
  • Give every mascara that promises longer, thicker lashes on the market a go
  • secret option number 5

We do think that embracing your genes and going with your own lashes is a great way to go, we are al who we are and nothing will ever change that, sometimes though you just want a change and there is nothing wrong with that.  False lashes are a great idea, if you can apply them, lash extensions seem a little drastic and trying a million different mascaras could be expensive.

Secret Option Number 5 Is One Solution

magnifibres_groupshotTo their friends, SON5 is called Magnifibres, okay to everyone except us that is what they are called when you aren’t trying to build a little mystery.  Now, you may find this a little bit of an unusual product, but stay with us here as we explain more.

Magnifibres are BRUSH ON FALSE LASHES.

Yes, brush on false lashes.  They boast the ability to ditch the flappy faux lashes, the boxes of mascara making promises and embrace the beauty of your own lashes, adding a little va va voom.

How do they work?  DO they work? Yes and yes.

Magnifibres are quite ingenious.  Masquerading as mascara in their little tube, the Magnifibres are actually thousands of little white, 100% natural fibres.  They actually look like tiny specks of white dust.  The fibres are applied using a wand that is very similar, just a little less open, to a mascara wand.  They are super easy to use:

  1. Coat your lashes in your favourite mascara.
  2. Whilst wet, tilt your head forward and apply a coat of Magnifibres over the wet mascara.  All the little white fibres adhere to the mascara adding volume and length to the lashes.  Of course they are now a little messy.  Wait 30 seconds.
  3. Add another coat of your mascara.  This tidies up the look and covers the small flecks of white.
  4. This can be repeated a couple more times to add even more length, (up to 5mm) and volume.

They are so clever and such an easy way to get the voluptuous Hollywood starlet lash look.


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