Sychrom – PC Puzzler Review


Synchrom, a game of pulses and rhythmic movement. Interested? Read On….


A game which takes you to capture coloured energy and channel it into set directions.  It mixes reflexes, with an anticipation and sense of rhythm.

“Synchrom” is the player’s unit on the battlefield, a mysterious spiritual device that can channel the pulses of light energy.The mission is to defend the Light against “Cryptangles”, a race of machine-gods. Making quick decisions based on both musical and visual elements is the key to leading the Synchrom to the victory.


” Unlock up to 7 difficulty modifiers to activate in 3 game modes to increase your score and build new Synchroms. Explore 4 unique musical atmospheres through 50+ different tracks. Put your skills to the test in an explosive and colorful 3D world, sharpen your senses and show precision to defeat your opponents.”




The gameplay focuses on rhythm and dynamics of movement. Using the mouse to hit the light and shooting it back into the bosses is key to victory.  The light starts small by progresses quickly.

Focus on the right lights to hit the right spots and the advanced levels become easy. The music is unique and each level needs a different approach.


One thing to say is the story is not great but the gameplay makes up for it.



It took us a while to grasp the concept of the game but once we got the hang of it, we liked it.


3 out of 5


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