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It is sadly a fact of life that many people, including teenagers and children, suffer greatly with anxiety and depression.  Fear can be a terrible thing, it can hold you in its grip, a grip that only tighten the more you fight against it.  It can be terrifying and paralysing.  

Atrax Games have taken a fresh look at anxiety and turned the daily trauma of suffering with such an affliction into a game.  Sym features young Josh, a teenage boy who is affected by a terrible anxiety disorder, one that makes him feel like a prisoner.

The game follows Josh through mazes of black and white, between reality and fantasy, as he feels the unwavering eyes of monsters on him all around.  It is your job as the player to guide him through the trials that lay head, avoid the traps and dangers that lurk in his world.

The whole idea of the game is to help Josh overcome his fears, to defeat the anxiety that has his so terrified.  It is a game that has the potential to not only help people understand just how debilitating anxiety disorders can be, but even help those affected by them.

1 (1)Simple controls and the symmetry of reality and fantasy played out in black and white on the screen, means that the game is easy to pick up and get started.  A completely refreshing look at a puzzle game, enemies being people and the trappings of social interaction, translated in to a fun and at times challenging platformer that will keep you coming back for more.


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