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Want an adventure through time on a board game? Enter the world of T.I.M.E Stories.


The story of the game is about the T.I.M.E.  The T.I.M.E Agency aim to protect humanity by preventing time faults and paradoxes from threatening the fabric of our universe. As temporal agents, you and your team are sent into the bodies of hosts from different worlds or realities to successfully complete the missions given to you. Failure is impossible, as you will be able to go back in time as many times as required.

The game itself can be described as “decksploration”. Each player is free to give their character as deep a “role” as they want, in order to live through a story, as much in the game as around the table.



The objective of the game is to make the perfect run, while solving all of the puzzles and overcoming all of a scenario’s obstacles. The base box contains the entirety of the T.I.M.E Stories system and allows players to play all of the scenarios, the first of which – Asylum – is included.  We played this scenario and the second Marcy Case.

During a scenario, which consists of a deck of 120+ cards, each player explores cards, presented most often in the form of a panorama. Access to some cards require the possession of the proper item or items, while others present surprises, enemies, riddles, clues, and other dangers.


An extra feature of the game is that the game insert will allow you to save it to play over multiple sessions.  It’s possible to pause your ongoing game by preserving the state of the receptacles, the remaining TU, the discovered clues, etc. T.I.M.E Stories is a decksploring game in which each deck makes anything possible!



A base game set contains 1 “episode” Asylum.  Set up is reasonably quick with you setting out the scenario on the board and with most games, the start-up turns will take some practice.

Turns are revolved around in cycles. Here are the few basics to remember –


When exploring you pick what part of the room to explore and been a card based game it goes from there.  Picking up the card when searching your bit of the room might involve triggering a combat phase, getting that all important items or event markers get triggered.  “Triggers” when open will advance your progress.



A element to always remember, to reach the end of the episode you have to beware the clock aspect. The central tracker on the board is the big thing. Movements will always cost you time.


Having players around the table you work as a team and it can devolve into chaotic communication.




It is unlikely for your first time down into the time tunnel that you will solve the case. However the journey of the game is to retrace your steps from previous attempts and knowing where each item is. It took us 3 attempts to get anyway near the ending.

Like the games title – it is all about time. You end up on further attempts working out the routine of how to get to the end, without any mistakes. We liked the game with its multi-session save feature and the graphics on the cards are terrific.


4 out of 5

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