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Introducting Tabata. The 2o minute Full Body Workout.

“The full workout is just 20 minutes and is scientifically proven to get users fitter, faster. The High Intensity method pioneered by Professor Izumi Tabata has revolutionised the international fitness industry and has changed not only the way we work out, but also the time it takes us to do it. ”



New Year’s Resolutions – hmm. Fitness goals need some high intensity workout – try Tabata.  This is the full body workout that requires only 20 mins of your day.

Shifting those extra pounds, improving fitness levels and enabling the user to be the best they can be.


The focus is upon a 5 module program (“the Tabata Protocol”) – where there are a:

  • Warm Up
  • Cardio
  • Tarbata
  • Core
  • Cool-Down

During the high intensity moments – using the “dynamic bodyweight moves” you are pushed to maximum heart rate to burn fat, faster.  Tabata plans to kick that metabolism into overdrive, meaning you reap benefits long after that session ends.


“There is no cheat or easy fix but done properly Tabata will change the way you exercise”





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