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If you have ever wanted to play an RTS type game in VR then either of these will hit that criteria. They will never contend with the non VR big releases with their scope of the game and their graphics, however they each do a very good job with its simplicity. The layout is what you would expect in a VR RTS and played on a Virtual Table but if you put that to one side and play the game for what it is, its very good.

You can tell their similarities just by reading the descriptions on their product pages. 

Tactera“Tactera is a Real-Time Strategy game played on a “virtual tabletop”. Comes with VR (Rift/Vive) and non-VR versions! Inside a futuristic war room, a 3D hologram shows two armies on the verge of battle. You are the tactical mastermind who must command your troops to victory.” – Steam Description

Skylight“Skylight is a turn-based tactics game of colossal space battles. Comes with VR (Rift/Vive) and non-VR versions! On the bridge of your flagship, a holographic projector shows your fleet floating in space, facing the enemy and awaiting your orders.” – Steam Description

See for yourself – Tactera LinkSkylight Link



They each feature a procedural campaign, customizable skirmish missions and a 1v1 Multiplayer mode for those wanting to take their skills against other players.

There is no story within the games that I came across. The campaign modes is very basic where both sides take control of roughly 40% of the grid each and a 20% neutral zone and you try conquer the other side by strategically moving troops and then choosing a battle in which to then take control of. There are 12 types of vehicles and weapons at the start of the battle which you get to choose from, and after a few battles you soon find a good balance between them all that you want to take with you, but in the next battle they are unavailable to you, so you have to think wisely and strategically what you take into each battle. Once you have conquered the battlefield the game then goes into Hard mode and that is it you just do it all again which some will find lacking but the replayability is still there.


The Main Difference

The difference between the two games is where the battle takes place. Tactera takes place on a virtual battleground with ground troops and Skylight is in a more open environment to simulate a space like battle. This is then more or less where the two games differ, other than that I found them to be very similar in gameplay which is no bad feat as they are very enjoyable games.

The touch controls on the Oculus Rift worked great with a point and select function and never caused any problems even during the fast-paced battles. The game also works with the HTC Vive and also has a non-VR version for those without a VR headset.


Verdict: 4/5 for each – If you like one you will like the other.  It is worth picking up one if you like the genre especially.If they develop the ideas further in the next generation of it, We would love it. 


The Links – Tactera Link – Skylight Link



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