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Life can be hectic, in fact life can be a juggling act all of its own, just when you think you have a handle on everything, someone throws another ball your way and you need to integrate that into your already busy schedule, whilst not dropping the balls you already have up in the air.

Metaphors aside, it can be hard for any one to get through the day and feel they have the energy left to just be, so sometimes we look for a little helping hand.  For some it could be a diet that is packed full of energy increasing foods, others may thrive on exercise and some might make sure they take every supplement under the sun to get them through each and every day.  For some though the options are drastically reduced, not everyone can eat everything, move around or even take over the counter supplements and let’s face it, there are times that we just need a little extra help without all of the fuss.

There are countless energy drinks on the market now, but many of them aren’t good for you, packed with sugars and other naughty things, they just cause more issues than they help you with, but there is a new drink on the horizon that is good for you and instead of being packed with sugar, it is packed with vitamins.

t_6_vitamin_60ml_single6VitaminShot will boost your energy and your health, it contains, not surprisingly, six vitamins that are quickly absorbed into the blood stream and get to work faster than normal supplements.  It also has NO calories, a big bonus when you think how much sugar can be found in other drinks.

B Vitamins 

B Vitamins make sure that the adrenal gland and nervous system are working to the best of their ability.  They are not stored in the body and so need to be absorbed through our diet.


This is an amino acid  that helps to brain elevate the mood, it also reduces fatigue.


Another amino acid, it helps to improve athletic performance because it aids the body in retaining more magnesium and potassium in the heart muscle.  Combining it with caffeine elevate the brains performance somewhat and it even has antioxidant properties! 


Normally found in protein foods, L-Carnitine is made from a combination of amino acids Methionine and Lysine, carries fatty acids to mitochondria, which then become energy. Basically it is a vehicle by which fat can become energy.  


Glucoronlactone regulates the creation of glycogen which is essentially how energy is stored within the muscles.  It is possibly liver protective and reduces the pain in muscles after exercise.


Nitrates improve the blood flow to the muscles and glycine helps to increase the amount of nitrates in the blood, which in turn helps to create more energy.  

6VITAMINSHOT £24.99 (12 single shots) and £2.50 (single shot), available www.6vitaminshot.co.uk

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