Take that Family Picnic to the next level with the Perfect Preservatives….


Well its the English Summer and the traditional Jam Sandwiches, or scones with jams are likely to be out in full force. We got the chance to try out some of the latest jams from Duerr’s range and dam they are packed with flavour.


Jams are quite weird to try and if you find a bad batch it can put you off jams for a while. Duerr’s is a well known brand and have been releasing good quality preservatives for a while.

“Duerr’s has a long and proud heritage that spans 130 years. From Fred and Mary Duerr’s homegrown business to their great great great grandsons Richard and Mark presiding over the new factory in Wythenshawe, Manchester.” – from their site (link below).

For their jams specifically, they have lots of variety including Apricot, Strawberry, Raspberry and plenty more.  We got a chance to try two of the range for a summer picnic in the local park.  Here are our thoughts….

Strawberry Jam copy


From the spreadability for on scones, to the basic of jam sandwich its great. The two flavours we tried were great on the pallet and we are likely going to buy some to try a few other flavours.


For More Info

Official Site With a List of their Products – Click Here


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