Try out Biocare over a month, it’s a daily supplement. Just one capsule a day of BioAcidophilus Forte by Biocare Claims to offer health benefits.
A really simple step to see if you can improve the health of your gut, just take the capsule with breakfast and a glass of water in the morning it really is as simple as that.
It is apparently “one of the most potent probiotics available containing 30 viable cells of the unique LAB4 complex of probiotic bacteria per capsule.”  They are Hypoallergenic and dairy free, tried and test and safe for sports persons to use, suitable for Vegas, Vegetarians, suitable in breastfeeding, in pregnancy. They suggest you consult a doctor if under medical supervision as with any supplement.
Essentially these are good bacteria, it sounds all very “scientific”, but these bacteria can be therapeutic to the digestive system, Biocare say that a study shows that ‘probiotics produce a therapeutic complex in the gut that stops the negative consequences of obesity’ they also say that, taking probiotics could help to regulate your hunger hormones in the gut.
You also could look out for a flatter tummy as Probiotics are said to help with bloating associated with problems with the gut. So its seems there are a few reasons to give them a try and see if they will work for you!
Now taking these over a period of 30 days is a starting point, this is the number of capsules that the bottle comes in, for long term benefits you need longer to start talking about long term advantages of taking this supplement.
“I have had ongoing issues with my digestive system, suffering with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and also Bile Reflux since having my Gall Bladder removed. I can say I did notice small changes along the way, little things that are probably best not delved into to deeply! I was less windy which has pleased my husband! Also I think it would be fair to say that at times where I would normally find my self bloated, either I wasn’t bloated as badly as I usually would normally be or it seemed to go quicker then usual. I will say that they are something that I will consider carrying on as I think the benefit will be in using long term and probiotics have been mentioned to me by a medical professional”
The BioAcidophilus Forte are available from www.revital.co.uk and cost £30.35 for 30 capsules.
A wide range of Biocares other supplements and products are also available in the site.

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