Targeting Skincare Issues With Nu Skin


Over the last few weeks we have looked at two ranges from the Nu Skin collection and this week we take a quick look at a third, Epoch.  Epoch is a range that uses botanicals and natural ingredients to effective target certain issues.

Sole Solution

Sole Solution is a foot treatment and specifically targets feet that suffer with dry, cracked or even rough skin, especially good for if you have suffered for sometime with consistently dry feet that seem to be helped by little to nothing.  Sole Solution works not as a moisturise, but by targeting the causes of these issues.

Using Papain, which is a porteolytic enzyme that hails from the humble papaya, gets to work breaking down and loosening he rough, thick patches of skin that have dried out and died.  Whilst the Papain is at work, another ingredient called Urea exfoliates the feet and moisturises the skin below.  Finally, crush Allspice Berry, which comes from the rainforests in Central America, relieves the dryness and the effects of cracked, red skin on the heels and feet.

£20.71 for 125 ml


Perfect for using after the Sole Solution Foot Treatment, Firewalker is formulated to soothe and relax feet, rejuvenating them.  It does this using Cordyline Terminalis  which is a ‘small and beautiful tree with broad soft leaves, this has been treasured for hundreds of years by Polynesian people for its cooling effect on dry, callused skin.’  It also uses Orbignya Phalerata which is made from pressed from the kernels of the Babassu Palm, again used by the people, of South America, as a natural moisturiser.

£19.27 for 100ml

Glacial Marine Mud

We move on now to the body in general, as opposed to the feet.  Glacial Marine Mud is a clay mask that will revitalise the skin, whilst drawing out the impurities using botanicals from the sea.  This leads to a much smoother texture on the skin, that is softer also.

£24.55 for 200g

Baobab Body Butter

After the clay mask, what better way to further treat the skin that by using a gorgeous body butter?  Moisturising the skin and deeply nourishing it, the body butter also contains antioxidants and ethnobotanicals, to help naturally protect and condition the skin respectively.  It is not jus moisturising once you put it on, but has a long lasting effect for a prolonged healthier appearance and new found suppleness to the skin.

Overall it leaves the skin not just moisturised, but protected and much softer.  More evenly toned your skin will look amazing and the body butter even helps soothe dry skin!

£27.52 for 125g


Or final instalment next week looks at two products from the rest of Nu Skin’s range, one of whic is specially formulated for the men in your life!

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