Taste explosions in your mouth with Royal China’s Bubble Tea


Bubble Tea at Royal ChinaBubble tea, a drink invented in Taiwan in the 1980s, is an unusual concept: a drink of tea, fruit juice or flavoured milk, filled with chewy tapioca ‘bubbles’ which are also sometimes known as pearls.

In recent years, bubble tea sellers have sprung up around the UK, particularly in London, and Royal China Group have recently launched their own range of bubble teas in their restaurants.

First you choose your base from the range of fruit juices on offer: mango, passion fruit or strawberry. Then choose the flavour of your bubbles: lychee, passion fruit, or strawberry. You can also include a lychee  or coconut jelly.

Royal China Baker Street - interiorThe bubble teas are served in a large cocktail glass with an especially large straw to allow you to suck up the bubbly delights. The fruit juice is light and refreshing, and the large bubbles have a delicate skin – a bit like a grape skin – which you pop in your mouth to release the syrup inside. The syrups are full of flavour and the combination of the juice and bubble is lovely.

Royal China Group are renowned for their traditional dim sum menu, which is served until 5pm every day. If you are planning an after-work bubble tea experience instead, then why not enjoy a range of Chinese appetisers or some Singapore noodles?

Bubble Tea at Roya China 2Service at the Baker Street branch of Royal China was friendly and efficient, and the range of appetisers were delicious – especially the smoked chicken and Vietnamese spring rolls.

The Royal China bubble tea is available for £5.80 per glass (for an alcoholic version, you can choose to add a shot of your favourite spirit). To make a reservation, visit their website at Royal China Group.

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