Taste Test – Jordans Cereals – Almond and Hazelnut Granola.

One of Britian’s favourite granola brands, Jordans Cereals, have now added to their collection of recipes with 2 low sugar varieties to their collection. They say its “the perfect alternative” for health conscious Brits.  We got the shot to try out their perfect alternative and present our thoughts. IS IT GOOD? Read on to find out. 
the new granolas will contain less than 3g of sugar per serving, helping Brits to better manage their daily sugar intake and enjoy a delicious, wholesome breakfast.
This new product launch is an absolute game changer for the breakfast cereal category, with nothing else link this on UK shelves at the moment. The product is also perfect timed for any ‘New Year, New You’ features you might have planned as it will be a massive deal for health conscious consumers wanting to reduce their sugar intake. 
  • Jordans Cereals’ Low Sugar Cherry and Almond combines luscious dried cherries and crunchy almonds, with toasted wholegrain oat and barley clusters. 
  • The Almond & Hazelnut recipe mixes oats and grains with sliced and whole almonds, as well as roasted, chopped hazelnuts, which is definitely something to get nutty about! 




Jordans Cereals, Britain’s number one granola brand, are launching a new low-sugar cereal range that contains less than 5% sugar for health conscious Brits concerned with the levels of sugar in their food.

Research has revealed that the average Brit scoffs double the recommended daily intake of added sugar – amounting to a whopping 14 cubes a day. However, a 2016 report from Diabetes UK stated that 75% of British adults wanted food manufacturers to reduce the amount of saturated fat, salt and added sugar in their products to make it easier for people to eat more healthily. Now Jordans Cereals have created two new Low Sugar granolas, a venture which follows the announcement of Public Health England’s guidelines on reducing the sugar content of certain food categories.


Jordans Cereals wholesome Low Sugar Granolas are being rolled out across Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, ASDA and Ocado, at an RRP of £3.99.


Taste Test Thoughts

Not bad….  The Almond and Hazelnut recipe we got to try was good. It had a good texture and is a good starter to the day especially if you like nuts in your cereal.  We have to say that we would add more variety to it, like adding slices of fruit on top of it or add more texture with honey. Alas that would add to the sugar content so we understand why they do not.

Taste rating without any extras – 3/5

Taste rating with fruit added 5/5



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