Taylor Locke – Album Review


Want to know about a Music Artist with catchy tunes and lyrics? Read On….

Taylor is the Lead Singer of Rooney and this is his solo project that has come to flourishen with a great and dynamic album.

An Album that shows off the  artist’s musical influences including:

  • 1960s pop
  • British Invasion
  • 1970s rock
  • Hard Rock
  • 1980s pop/metal
  • Modern pop.


We got a chance to listen to his solo album and its out today.

The Album – Time Stands Still



Track by Track Review

Burbank Woman  
The lyrical story he weaves into the hypnotic drum and guitar rhythm makes the listener feel like they are there.

The Game

Relaxed romantic tune with a attitude. Another tune with a lyrical story to match to style of tune.

Running Away From Love

High tempo, high fun and extremely catchy. One of the standout tracks from a packed album.

Don’t be a Stranger

The breakup song of the romance songs. Didnt quite hit the nerve.

So Long

The intro makes the listener think it is an older tune – in a good way. Another standout.

“You keep me waiting while your hesitating..”

Time stands Still

This is the slowdown take a breather song. Slow pace but not quite a love song ballad.


Call Me Kuchu

More instruments than most of the other tracks. More layering of sound with a catchy chorus section. It adds a different style to a good album.

The Art of Moving On

The Heartbeat sounds of the drums to echo the sounds of the hearty lyrics. “The art of moving on” – good idea.


Going, Going, Gone

The solemn song to end the love story. The feelings of love have gone but the story moves on.



An Album which shows off catchy tunes and lyrics to a level un-expected. The audience may keep “running faster” but to the tunes that can match the speed of the run.

The balance of the album is good as well, it hits the right beats at the right times. “The Art of Moving on”  folowing on by Going, Going, Gone – shows off the down

It has high variety and offers high standards of tune and lyrics. If your tastes need a good vocal story to its songs, this album will hit it.


For More Info –

Taylor Locke –  Facebook / Twitter



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