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We have all heard about pairing wine with cheeses and am sure a lot of you have given it a go, but have you ever heard about pairing chocolate with tea.  Yes, you read that right, pairing a good old cup of Rosie Lee with a bar of sumptuous chocolate.  Where do these crazy ideas come from, you ask?  The genius minds at Lindt Excellence.

Lindt do not recommend just picking up any old bar of chocolate and any old tea bag though, they have done extensive research to find out what teas and chocolate best go together.  Of course we couldn’t just take their word for it, so we decided to give a few of them a go ourselves.


Excellence Cherry EnglishDark Cherry Intense with Darjeeling Tea

One of the finest black teas, Darjeeling is full of character and body.  Light and gentle in flavour it is the perfect tea to pair with the darkly rich and intense complex nature of Lindt Excellence’s Cherry Intense.


Stefan Bruderer, Lindt Master Chocolatier along side his amazing team created Cherry Intense and say, “The combination of dark chocolate and cherry is a classic and seen regularly in desserts. We wanted to recreate this characteristic and delicious taste into one of our indulgent Lindt EXCELLENCE bars. Finding the right type of cherry was challenging, we were looking to achieve an intense black cherry taste, not too sweet, with just enough tartness to cut through the finest chocolate. Cherry Intense has achieved that fine balance for a superior sensory experience.”

Each bar contains real pieces of cherry that are encased in sumptuous, rich dark chocolate for a velvety smooth, sensation of exotic epic proportions.  Adding Darjeeling tea to the mix not only compliments but enhances the experience, making this a delicious and indulgent treat!

Dark 70% Cocoa with Green Tea

Green tea is one of our favourite teas, it is fresh and silky with the flavours of a far off land.  It is for this and the nature of flavours within Green Tea that it makes the perfect partner for dark chocolate.  Enveloping the chocolate in deep, grassy overtones that refresh and invigorate.

Dark Caramel With A Touch Of Sea Salt with English Breakfast Tea

Moving from our favourite tea to our favourite flavour of chocolate, Dark Caramel With A Touch Of Sea Salt.  Possibly one of the finest bars of chocolate ever made, the delicious caramel is only made better by the addition of sea salt, the sweet and salty are so perfect together, they dance of the tongue giving you a wow moment.

Add to this the English Breakfast Tea which is a traditional blend of Assam, Ceylon and East African tea and the flavours seem to come alive.  Wonderfully satisfying.

Dark Mint Intense with Moroccan Mint Tea

Just the very title of this section makes us go week at the knees, mint chocolate and Moroccan Mint Tea.  Just the thought can evoke intense memories of flavours so closely associated with chocolate, that this is the most understandable pairing of tea and chocolate we could imagine.

The tea is refreshing and soothing being a combination of Green Tea and Spearmint but brings the strong, sweet taste of the chocolate through for a truly unique and delicious pairing.

Lindt_Pairings 2

Dark Orange Intense with Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea is one of the most well known teas that can go with most anything, it’s versatility and flavour lends it an individuality seldom found elsewhere.  It pairs so perfectly with Lindt’s Dark Orange Intense as it has a beautifully citrussy hints throughout.  It leaves you with a crisp, bold and delicate flavour.

Dark A Touch Of Sea Salt with Assam Tea

This bar of dark chocolate is peppered throughout with sea salt, creating a chocolate sensation that is sweeter than your average, the salt brings out the full flavour and enhances the sweet notes.  Couple this with a tea that produces hints of citrus and honey, you are in for a taste explosion.

Dark Chilli with Chai Tea

We are sure than when we first mentioned pairing tea and chocolate, that your immediate reaction would have been to have a milky tea, given chocolate is indeed made with milk.  Chai tea is from Indian and is spiced with aromatic cardamom, cloves, pepper, ginger and cinnamon.  Adding this Indian flavour adventure to the divine Dark Chilli from Lindt creates a surprisingly oriental flavour to excite and leave you wanting more.

Extra Creamy with Earl Grey Tea

Everyone loves a delicious bar of creamy milk chocolate, it is a true classic in the world of confectionery.  Soft, dreamy milk chocolate that melts in your mouth is really just a staple when it comes to British chocolate.  So what better to pair it with than a tea that has a stature equal to it, Earl Grey.



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