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Designed for ladies who like to buff, polish and clip in style, Ted Baker’s new range of beauty tools are functional and beautiful at the same time.

With picture postcard packaging Ted Baker has thought of every little detail in the design of these items and the quality of them is not compromised in any way. The range comprises of everything you need to have fabulous looking nails, that are clean and trimmed to perfection.


One of the most essential items that you need in your nail kit, is a pair of clippers.  This delightful pair are gold coloured and have Ted Baker written in lovely script along the front.  They are in a sage green box that have a floral interior and would look lovely as a gift!  The clippers are lovely and sharp, giving a fantastic crisp cut.  The top tip from Ted is to not cut your nails while they are wet, this can cause splintering!


In the same Foxglove and sage green packaging comes Ted Baker’s Nail Buffer.  With four sides it does everything you need for your nails to look spiffing this summer.  To tidy and seal the edges ready to be buffed is the first side, File.  Next up is Smooth, removing ridges and stains, the second side will smooth out the surface of the nail and help to clean it.  The third step using this great tool is the Buff side, ‘stimulating the circulation in the nail bed’.  The final side of the Nail Buffer creating a polished nail!

Along with the brilliant and handy tools to get us primped and preened, Ted Baker have released a number of accessories for our nails.

1That’s A Wrap

A set of 14 Nail Polish Strips, these are a great alternative to nail polishes.  Simply stick and smooth over the nail and then gently file the excess off with downward strokes using a nail file.  Coming in a range of designs they are just what you need if you are in a rush or want a design that is a little more exciting!

Faked To Perfection

If you don’t have lovely long nails, or indeed don’t want them all the time, then Faked To Perfection could be just what you need.  A set of 24 false nails in a range of elegant designs, this little kit comes with everything you need to get amazing nails, that look tip top in a matter of minutes.

Using the glue provided and the clever little tool, you can stick perfect nails onto your own in no time, looking ans feeling incredible!


The Ted Baker range of nail accessories and tools are available from Boots!



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