Tefal OptiGrill


Tefal are renowned for being ahead of the curve when it comes to kitchenware and appliances.  They produce items that are innovative, exciting and of such high quality, they are the brand to have on your worktop.

Of course they are extremely well known for their non-stick cookware and have been an industry leader in the field for years, constantly surprising the market with appliances that are unique and do nothing but help us all enjoy the experience of cooking that much more.

grill The Tefal Optigrill is the latest offering from the company and it promises to cook your meat perfectly, no matter how you like it.  You can even cook for those who like it rare and those who like it well done, at the same time.  This ingenious machine will practically talk to you and tell you when your meat is done.

Easy to use the double plated grill envelopes the meat to create the perfect cooking environment.  The buttons across the handle allow you to program the device depending on the meat that you are cooking.  From burgers, bacon and sausages to poultry fish and steak, the Optigrill can tackle anything you throw at it.

There is a large dial to the right of the grill that lights up according how far along in the cooking process it it.  Pre-sets include Preheating, Starting to Cook, Rare, Medium and Well Done, each being colour coded around the edge of the indicator, matching the light in the centre.

It can be a difficult job to get your burgers, steak or sausages cooked just right and we can’t always rely on the weather to get cooking on the barbecue.  Using the intelligence of the Optigrill allows you to relax as it detects the thickness of the meat and then cooks it perfectly.



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