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Tessuti – Tessuti is specialised in mainly printing wool mixes, lambswool, silk and cashmere. Fiona McIntosh designs and produces a range of fashion accessories which are hand dyed and silk screen printed using the ‘discharge’ method. The brand is made from her studio in Edinburgh, the use of colour is very important in her work and discharge printing lends itself to this whilst retaining the soft handle of the fabrics. www.tessutiscotland.co.uk

We caught up with designer Fiona to find out more about her and her designs.


Why is it important to you that you source your materials from the UK?

I think the UK has such a textile heritage- it’s really important to support the fashion and textile industry so it doesn’t disappear.


Why did you choose to work with wool as opposed to other fabrics?

I use a print process known as ‘discharge’ printing which works really well on wool producing wonderfully rich colours while retaining the original soft handle of the fabric.


You are known for your use of colour, why is it important for your work?

My prints are inspired by imagery from the 1950’s and I love the colour palettes that were around then- this has filtered into my own work. I like using unusual colour combinations.

arm warmers

If you could design for anyone, who would it be and why?

I would have loved to design prints for Ossie Clark who was most prolific in London in the Swinging Sixties and known for his flamboyant collections- he also designed the stage clothes for many musicians at that time. He has influenced many current fashion designers including Dries van Noten and Marc Jacobs. I think being involved in the fashion scene at this time would have been incredibly exciting, unpredictable and stimulating!


What process do you use for designing?

All my designs start as scribbles in my sketchbooks. I then process the finished prints onto screens. My designs are all hand silk screen printed onto the various fabrics I use in my Edinburgh studio and made up into fashion accessories in Scotland.


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