That Dragon, Cancer – Game Review


This is a well balanced game looking at Cancer in different ways.  Dealing with loss by creating a game…  Interested? Read on….



We like games that try to be different. This game fits the bill well.   Built by the family of a little boy dealing with cancer. This is their story (- Link to learn more about them), each level looks and feels unique and shows different stages of little boy Joel’s Cancer.

“An immersive narrative videogame that retells Joel Green’s 4-year fight against cancer through about two hours of poetic, imaginative gameplay that explores faith, hope and love.”

Yes, this is a tough subject but the balancing of good and bad moments should make people play this. 



The game is a walk through a dream like experience through the different levels of cancer feelings and developments.  From the first few stages – to the later, the humour balances well with the bad moments. 

The tutorial for control is acting as a duck with Joel throwing bread at you.  Moments of fun are thrown in throughout and we laughed enough to enjoy the game’s tone greatly.


We don’t want to ruin it for those who read this wanting to play – it’s a standout game with a good concept.  The highs and the lows of the journey are great for this 2.5 hour game – worth the cost.

4 out of 5


For More Info:

Steam Link –

Cost at time of writing – £10.99.


Erisea Play-through

We believe this is a game worth seeing so if you still are on the bounds of playing it but cant push through – We played it through.  So, watch as much as you want and decide from there.

At the time of writing, the playlist will unlock throughout today. Part 1 – 330pm GMT, Part 2 – 630pm GMT, Part 3 – 930pm GMT.



If you wish to donate to them after seeing this – Here’s the link to their page.

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