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Dealing with back pain is something many people have to deal with on a daily basis and it can be crippling to have a chronic pain issue. There are of course many options open to sufferer pain medication, massage and physical therapy, but not everything works or is suitable for everyone.

The British Pain Society states that around 10 million Britons suffer with chronic pain daily in one way or another, that is roughly 1 person in every 6.  That is a staggering amount of people to be suffering, but with over the counter medication being accompanied with side effects and physical therapy and massages requiring the sufferer to travel to receive treatment, they aren’t necessarily the most ideal solutions to combating pain.

The ActiPatch aims to help a wider range of people and be more accessible.  Using Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy, the ActiPatch helps to reduce pain and inflammation, thereby accelerating the healing process, reporting to be up to 5 times more effective at combating neck, back, hip, knee, heel, wrist or musculoskeletal pain in general, than over the counter medication.

But how does it work?  Little electrical signals pass through the nerves in the body and this regulates the blood flow around the body. To reduce inflammation and pain, the nerve signals can be modified to enhance the blood flow.

The ActiPatch employs the Electromagnetic Pulse Therapy in the form of a wearable device.  The small lightweight wire and unit, fits snugly into a soft, comfortable belt that is secured via Velcro.  There is a unique on/off switch that allows the wearer to actually utilise a full 720 hours worth of EPT.  There is no sensation from wearing the ActiPatch, no heat and no actual pulses.  It can even be worn in bed whilst sleeping and under clothing.

Dr Dawn Harper, GP and Media Medic explains more about the ActiPatch and its applications.

“I see many patients suffering from different types of,
particularly of the back, knee and shoulder, who are looking
for drug free pain relief, which has no side effects.
As the population get older, pain and managing it will
become an even bigger issue.  Therefore, it is great we have
a natural product to add to our armoury which can help reduce 
pain and inflammation through the use of electro magnetic pulse therapy.
Small and easy to hide under the clothing, this device can be worn at any
time for effective relief, even when sleeping.  ActiPatch work for 
over 720 hours and thanks to its on/off switch it can
be used as and when the pain flares up.”

The ActiPatch is safe for the elderly, people with arthritis and those with diabetes, although we would advise, as always, that you check with your GP before trying anything health related.


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