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Books are amazing, a way to escape the reality of life and engage our imaginations, for children they offer the chance to live in extraordinary worlds and go on incredible adventures.  Now Zappar have taken reading to a whole new level and are bring their books to life with the clever use of their app.  Now reading is not just words on a page, the pictures are not just lovely illustrations to emphasis the story, no.  Now the books come to life, they are interactive and will have your children ohhing and ahhing as they look on in wonder.

The Adventure Suit uses the magic of Zappar to take the reader on a fantastical adventure that will take them on a journey through space, down into the depths of the oceans and come face to face with a dragon, all in the pursuit of some long lost treasure!  Once our intrepid adventurer has had their fill and is so worn out they get off to bed, it is then time for you to try on the Adventure Suit yourself and see how it looks.

This fun and clever idea from Zappar will amaze the children as they turn each page and see the book come to life.  You can pick up a copy of The Adventure Suit from Amazon for just £4.99, but we loved it so much that we have three copies of the book to give away! All you need to do is to enter below, don’t forget to fill out the mandatory options!

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