The Bath Relaxer

Trying to relax in the bath can be a tough one. There’s your head to think of, not at the tap end because that would be hideously uncomfortable for a start. Then there is the whole sliding down part, when you relax and let go, you seem to end up sliding down into the bath more. Which usually leads to having your face covered in water at some point.
Wouldn’t it be lovely to have something to stop you from sliding down the bath? Well now there is, now there is the bath relaxer…
What does Bath Relaxer do?
Bath Relaxer® stops you sliding down the bath and allows your arms and legs to float freely in the water ensuring that you have the most relaxing bath experience ever.  Let the day float away. No more sliding down the bath. Simple as that.
How does it work?
Bath Relaxer® is a cleverly designed cushion that sits half way down the bath under your bottom or at the bottom of the bath to rest your feet on. Designed with 3 strong suction cups to hold it tightly in place Bath Relaxer® stops you sliding down the bath.
How about a feature on the Top 5 Bath products this summer or 5 things to pack in your suitcase for your summer holiday or 5 things to help you relax in the bath this summer?

Priced at just £6.00 Bath Relaxer® is available at

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