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Why Women Love Beckham…

David Beckham has inspired boys to become footballers, teenagers to have tattoos and now he’s inspiring dads to change nappies.

According to a recent study by Sudocrem and parenting club Bounty, David Beckham is viewed as the most hands-on dad in Britain and women want their men to follow his lead.1 Midwife Nikki Khan said that nowhere is this more evident than in the role models for modern fatherhood chosen by mums.

In the past, women would have expected a man to be a supportive but largely absent father and certainly not the kind to carry a changing bag, shop for children’s clothes or liquidise the baby food.” She says, adding that “ today it’s different. Men are expected to roll up their sleeves and share every aspect of childcare. We find these qualities attractive and that’s why we love David Beckham and why he’s so inspiring to both sexes.”

Prince William, Brad Pitt and Elton John were also chosen as role models; all of whom have been spotted out and about with their children. According to Nikki Khan, having children later in life might make it easier for men to be hands-on.

We might think that older dads are more traditional in their approach to parenting but they’re not. In fact they’re sometimes more at ease with themselves and comfortable with the idea of sharing the parenting chores. Prince William is incredibly comfortable with fatherhood and although he was only 31 when he became a father for the first time, he shows a maturity we associate with older and more experienced dads like David Beckham.”


Daddy Role Models

*chosen by mums

David Beckham


Brad Pitt


Prince William


Elton John



Nikki’s tips for becoming a hands-on dad include:

1. Get to know your subject – don’t be afraid to ask questions and do research. Babies don’t come with instruction manuals but there’s lots of information out there.

2. Do it your way – everyone is different so find the way that works best for you and your family. 

3. Enjoy it – time flies so make the most of caring for a baby because in no time you’ll be sending them to school. 

1 Bounty Research May 2014


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