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It can be really difficult to come up with something unique as a gift for those special people in your life, especially if you have spent years getting them presents.  The Book Of Everyone is something rather different and has been created in collaboration with Age UK.  This means that for every Book of Everyone that is bought, the money will go toward providing a a Book of Everyone for an elderly person who may other wise not receive a present this year! So, really getting one Book of Everyone gives two people something special this Christmas that will be remembered!

What is The Book of Everyone?

The Book of Everyone is just as it sounds, a book that can be given to anyone at all.  The lovely folk over at their website have created a simple and straightforward way for you to turn the knowledge about your loved one, into a book that will make them smile and possibly even bring a tear to their eyes on Christmas morning!

beg2Using very basic information, such as date of birth and a few personality traits, The Book of Everyone website puts together a book that will chart the more unusual facts of Uncle Tobin or Aunty Geraldine’s lifetime, such as how much they have in common with a potato, how many tears they have cried, what song was number one when they were born or even when the cool kids were going crazy for that year.

Much of the book can be customised too, with photographs and words that are special to you both.  Each page is constructed online, so before you even buy your book, you know that every single page is absolutely perfect.  Your recipient will even have a lovely little ant named after them and can check in with Ant Geraldine via The Book of Everyone’s Ant Cam, (the ants are even on Twitter now).

beg4Prices start at just £7.50 for a Digital Copy and can be bought direct from The Book Of Everyone!  Have fun creating the story of someone’s life as they have never seen it before!

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