The Booth at the End


Much of the time the case can be that we sit down and settle in to watch a TV show, only to find ourselves disappointed in the predictability of it all.  It seems that a lot of imagination as eroded away, leaving us with some bland and rather unappetising TV, apart from a few select titles.  could that be the reason that The Booth At The End caught people’s attention?  Audiences and critics alike seem to think so.

The Booth At The End

6679Has there ever been something that you wanted so badly that, given the chance, you would do anything for?  Then maybe a visit to The Man (Xander Berkley – 24) would be in order, but as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for.

The Man sits in the same booth in a 1950s style diner every day.  He sits and waits with his note book and pen, waits for people to come and ask him for their deepest desires.  It seems innocuous, what can one man do with a notebook and pen? 

6678A nun who no longer hears God, a man who wants to save his son from Lukemia, an elderly woman who misses the husband she has lost to dementia, a man who looks to erase all evidence of his second marriage, these are all people who come to The Man in the booth at the end of the diner and ask for help.  Of course any Faustian Pact is two sided and they each much perform a task to earn their desires, the tasks are dangerous in many ways, not least of all because of the extreme and possibly deadly consequences.

One of The Man’s clients is to protect a little girl, another to rob a bank, one must build a bomb and kill a specific amount of people with it, while another is to force a person with agoraphobia to leave their house.  Each task is part of a delicate and all together unperceived web that The Man weaves, only as the series progresses do you start to see the way his tasks begin to intersect.  

Would you be able to kill, cheat or lie for your deepest desire?  Just watch out because sometimes what you wish for isn’t exactly what you wanted.

164454- Chief Crazy Horse Sleeve.inddThe Booth At The End is a gripping psychological thriller created and written by Christoper Kubasik (What lives Inside) and Series 1 and 2 are available on DVD from 11th July 2016 courtesy of Simply Media

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