The Calder Valley Floods – Help Needed


As many of you know I live in The Calder Valley in West Yorkshire.  Calderdale is a wonderful place but over Christmas it has been devastated by floods and storms, right now outside Storm Frank is raging and threatening to undo the good work that has already occurred to pick up after the Christmas storm.  This post will be on Eclectic Enchantments and Erisea Magazine, because the place I call home, this beautiful part of the world is in need and if just one person can read this post and offer a pair of gloves, a broom, a pair of hands, food, clean water or even money, then it is worth it.

I am very lucky, we live in such a place that we are high enough to hopefully not get flooded and when I say flooded I don’t mean there are puddles, I mean you have three or four foot of water in your front room, not clear, clean water like you would get from a tap, this is dirty, no filthy, sludge and silt ridden water that contains bugs, bacteria and sewage.  This flood hit on Boxing Day and took Christmas from Calderdale with a vengeance, one friend said it feels like Christmas was months ago, not mere days.  Homes have been destroyed, furniture ruined, kitchens no longer functional and for many they have lost everything.  It is devastating.  On top of this there are many problems with the roads, bridges are collapsing and there have been landslides too.  

It isn’t over.

Even if Frank does not wage a war of rain on Calderdale today, the clean up will take months.  Businesses and homes are gone, people displaced and the sad reality is many are uninsured, because they simply can’t get insurance for where they live.  So the burden is not just physical and emotional, it is financial too.  We know people who have literally lost everything.

It will take months.

Whilst right now there is an army of unnamed heroes walking streets of The Calder Valley, broom in hand, the volunteers can only do so much and need as much help as they can possibly get.  

It isn’t just material items or money, can you lend your time?  Do you have a skill that could help, like an electrician or plumber?  Can you help the local nurseries, schools or care homes?  Do you live in the area and can’t physically help? Shop locally, support the businesses that have been ravaged by using those that can open.  There is much that needs to be done and it will take many hands.

Important Information

There are places you can go to for information on the coordinated efforts in the communities, how to donate and so on.  

Support, advice, coordinated efforts, donate items, food and money.

Calder Valley Flood Facebook Group

Calder Valley Flood Twitter

Calder Valley Flood Website 

Needed items on Amazon Wishlist for victims of Floods


Anything you can do to help will be appreciated and gratefully received.  If you can help, please do, thank you for reading! 

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