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With crafting at an all time high in popularity, people are constantly looking for new, fun ideas to spend their time making.  Cath Kidston has become synonymous with stunning vintage inspired craft projects and has now released the of her best selling books – Sew! Stitch and Patch! in a fabulously presented hard box slipcase covered in blooms, creating an incredibly attractive gift set.  

Sew! contains over 40 beautiful projects for you to complete.  From a Peg Bag, Shoulder Bag and Tablecloth to a Bath Hat, Duffle Bag and Heart Quilt.  All of the projects are beautifully designed, the easy to follow instructions and striking photography making them a pleasure to create.  The amount of patterns will keep you busy for a while and all of the pretty pictures will help inspire you in your material choices.


Patch! as you might imagine, is a book that contains 30 beautiful patchwork inspired projects for you to follow and create.  From applique to simple patchwork, the layering and arrangement of material swatches are all ways in which Cath Kidston uses this inspiration to give you incredible pattern to follow that will have you quickly falling in love with patchwork.  From a Puff Cushion to a Laundry Bag and Bunny Sweater to Hexagon Pincushion, there is enough variety to keep you busy for some time.

Stitch! is all about needlepoint, creating amazing pieces of stitch work that is then used to create bags, pictures, cushions and much more.  Complete with precise instructions for you to follow, even if you have never done needlepoint or cross stitch before, these 30 designs will have you completely hooked in no time at all.


The collection also comes with a fantastic project for you to complete, it includes everything that you need to make a specially designed Cath Kidston shoulder bag.  By everything, we mean material material, buttons, pattern and even a Cath Kidston label to sew into the finished bag.


This is an absolutely incredible collection that will inspire you and be thoroughly enjoyable.  Available from Quadrille for £30.

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