The Celtic Mandala Pocket Colouring Book by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma


Last year we were hit with the latest craze, adult colouring books.  Unlike those that are bought for children, these ones are full of intricate, detailed patterns and cover a wide variety of subject – flowers, animals, under the sea and so on.  

Whilst this trend may seem a little odd, it has to be said that colouring is a very therapeutic means of relaxation.  When you also factor in the use of mandalas, you are on to a surefire winner.  The Celtic Mandala Pocket Colouring Book combines both colouring and meditation through the use of mandalas, it will have you in a peaceful state of mind within minutes.

The mandala is an image that for centuries has been used to meditate on, it is believed that the person who meditates in this way, focused on the mandala can have a powerful and prolonged experience that is almost spiritual.  

Celtic_Mandala_Cover_MiniJacketThe use of a mandala and colouring is therefore a wonderful way to focus your mind and deal with the struggles life throws at you or to just find some inner piece.  The Celtic Mandalas are rooted in the Celtic history and each one is printed alongside clear and concise instructions of how to mediate with that particular image and it even has a suggested colour palette for you to work from, should you need a little inspiration.

The Celtic Mandala Pocket Colouring Book by Lisa Tenzin-Dolma is a delightful addition to any desk, bookshelf or handbag, just grab some pencils and begin your journey to relaxation.

Available courtesy of Watkins Publishing £5.99 (RRP)

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