The Cinema Hold Up


World Cinema is a genre that appears to be getting ever more popular, especially over the past few years.  Over the next few days we will be sharing some new releases in the foreign film category.

The Cinema Hold Up

Alsalto Al Cino, or The Cinema Hold up, is fantastic film from director Iria Gómez Concheiro (Girl Interrupted) depicting life in Mexico for the younger generations whose idea to end empty days might not be quite as simple as they thought.

When four disaffected teenage friends from a rough Mexico City neighbourhood become bored, one of them comes up with the idea to rob a local cinema.  All four of them want to take part, anything is better than sitting around doing nothing smoking marijuana and a plan quickly forms.  As with most ideas, be them violent or benign, things are not going to be smooth sailing.  The four may be on the search of excitement, but their vigor at wanting to fill their days with something other than boredom, will quickly turn into a fight to save the one thing that they hold dear, the one thing that they have and means everything to them, their bond as friends.

6179Surprisingly amusing, The Cinema Hold Up is truly raw and gritty movie filled with a drama that captivates the audience.  There is a definite authenticity to the film as you watch the friends in their daily lives, living in a world completely different to our own, there seems to be a constant reminder of just how naive we were as teenagers, how childlike we were. There is an anticipation to the film as it builds ever so slowly to the climax of Negus’s master plan, until the robbery takes place.  We are not left hanging though and the true genius of The Cinema Hold Up is in the closing scenes, the realisation of just what this theft has accomplished for the four friends.

164433 - The Cinema Hold Up-sleve.inddAvailable from 8th February 2016 in Spanish with English Subtitles, courtesy of Simply Media, £12.99.


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