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Coming to DVD and digital download tomorrow, Monday 3rd November 2014, from Arrow Films,  is the acclaimed Australian political thriller The Code.

packshotsThe Code is fuelled by a conspiracy that reaches into the heart of Australian politics and devastates the lives of two families, impacting on many more around them in a small town in the outback.

It all starts when a small time internet journalist, Ned (Dan Spelman form One Perfect Day) and his brother, Jessie (Ashley Zuckerman from Terra Nova) are thrown into the middle of events when Ned receives a damaged video file of a terrible accident in which a young girl was killed and her boyfriend seriously injured. Ned turns to Jessie for help, who is a somewhat troubled hacker that isn’t allowed near a computer or the internet.

4setWhat they uncover is frightening and throws them into the middle of something much bigger than they could ever imagine.  Ned visits the scene of the accident where he meets Alex, (Lucy Lawless from Xena: Warrior Princess) and Perry (Adam Garcia from Coyote Ugly).

The TV show is spread across six episodes and each one oozes with friction, fear, intrigue and action.  The cast deliver powerful and evocative performances that will have you on the edge of your seat, biting your nails and questioning every decision they make.

Given that much of the show involves technology, hacking, emails and so on, it was a breath of fresh air to see that the screens of everything from computer screens to mobile phones are integrated into the show without focusing on the devices themselves.  Text messages, files, images and emails are shown alongside the characters, as if a star in their own right, superimposed into the action.

An exciting, captivating, action packed thrill ride!


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