The Collider 2


‘Destroy the colossal mother ship looming over the planet and save your home-world! With a fleet of high-tech star fighters at your disposal, take on a series of suicidal missions to destroy the alien invader from the inside. Take down reactors, collect sensitive data, and avoid lethal defenses as you maneuver through the vents of the enemy vessel at near light-speed velocity – you are the last hope of your people!”

That’s pretty much it, However there game has more to offer. 


”The Colossal Mother ship” is the ship with the red glow in the distance. Each mission starts from the same point with an auto flight to the back of the ship where the mission begins. Controls are easy to master via controller or mouse input. The goal is simple, Reach the end within the time limit and accumulate enough stars to progress to the next mission. The goal maybe simple but the flight can become challenging. The internals of the mother ship move so even though your flying through the same ship via the same starting point the missions themselves have lots of variants with various obstacles to avoid along the way.


Choosing the correct path and speed are key to success although there is plenty of room for correction should you opted for the wrong way. To be honest, there is no wrong way, the path you choose determine whether it will be a smooth transition to avoid the next obstacle which is quickly approaching. The control’s on both the controller and mouse are responsive to ensure you can get out of trouble quickly but be warned, over boosting will result in your fighter exploding. Should you happen to bounce off a wall or clip the edge of an obstacle there are shield pick ups dotted along the flight path which will aid towards your shields repair.


The game offers 3 camera views, Third person 1 which is at a distance. Third person 2 which is slightly closer or first person. Myself i much preferred Third person 1. The game still felt incredibly fast but i could feel the a sense of size from my fighter compared to the mother ship.

As you make your way though the mother ship dodging and weaving around walls and barriers you,ll be collecting coins which allow you to upgrade your ship. To be honest i didn’t notice a huge improvement to my ship with the upgrades i purchased but these might become more useful and noticeable later on in the game. The other thing i didn’t notice is the relevance of collecting alien data, however after some thought i’m thinking this aids towards obtaining 3 starts at the end of the mission. Shooting the ‘ Alien Invaders ‘ ( but you need not worry about shooting these yourself or evading attack ) also help towards obtaining 3 stars. Just fly towards it and your fighter automatically fires whilst the enemy simply float about not doing a huge amount. This however may change later on in the game but from doing 9 missions with out a single attack landing on my fighter these are very non hostile hostiles.


All in all i kind of enjoyed it. If you have a good headset or surround sound system id suggest turning it up as high as your ears and neighbors can take because it does sound pretty awesome. Its not a hardcore gamer’s game. If it didn’t have something else, which ill tell you about shortly you could pass this as an Moba game. Quick and easy to pick up doing a few missions here and there until there is nothing left to do, and its a pretty big but…… It supports VR.

I can defiantly see this being a quality game though VR  but unfortunately i didn’t get chance to play via this mode therefore have little to comment on, but with its visuals and sound you could easily become immersed in the game and connected to defending the planet from the mother ship and its alien invaders.




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