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Crafting is making a huge comeback and one of the crafts that people are getting hooked on is crochet (excuse the pun).  It is a fabulous hobby that needs little more than a crochet hook and some yarn.  Where to start though?  If you are new to crochet or someone you know is wanting to get started in this rewarding past time, then we have found just the thing to help you in that endeavor, The Crochet Book by Cath Kidston.

There are most likely very few people that do not know of Cath Kidston, her beautiful vintage designs that are filled with pretty blooms and and gorgeous prints from yesteryear.  Now she has turned her attention to crochet and created an absolutely fantastic set that introduces you to crochet with a lovely project.

The Crochet Book is more than its title suggests, the ‘book’ is in fact a pretty tin that is in the shape of an old book, decorated with a traditional print that scream vintage.  It would not look out of place on a book shelf, a secret place to save keepsakes or crochet tools.  However before the tin can be utilised, its contents need to be used.

Inside The Crochet Book by Cath Kidston you will find and instruction booklet that explain everything you need to know to get started in crochet, a red metal, a red metal 4.00mm crochet hook, a pattern sheet that contains your fun project – A Granny Square Cushion Cover and it also houses 6 balls of brightly coloured yarn for you to use in making your cushion.

crochet book

A vibrant, colourful vintage style cushion can be made with ease following the clear, concise instructions.  When we made the cushion ourselves it was a quick and enjoyable project to do, the only issue we had was that we found that there was not quite enough wool to finish the entire cushion, we needed to add some more red yarn to the bunch.  Besides that this was a fantastic way to spend a few hours.

The Crochet Book by Cath Kidston is available from Quadrille for £25.00


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