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That Day We Sang is a British Television musical written and directed by Victoria Wood. It stars Imelda Staunton and Michael Ball -it has been released on 30th March on DVD and digital download. We have 1 DVD copy up to be won – courtesy of Universal Pictures.

The film is set in Manchester in 1969, it tells the story of Tubby and Enid. These are two lonely middle-aged people who reconnect by the power of music.  Meeting at a reunion for a choir they did in 1929, their faulting romance is also interwoven with a secondary  story of Jimmy.

Jimmy is a fellow member of the choir who loves singing and kept it above his difficult live at home.


  Jimmy ‘Tubby’ Baker is an insurance salesman and working in an office across the square from secretary Enid. The reunion gives the duo an opportunity to develop something to enrich their somewhat lonely existence. It shows their relationship develop along the way.

The viewer gets to see two years 1929 and 1969. It shows off the decisions we children can still cause ripples forty years on. The recollection for Enid and Tubby that their youthful selves sang forth uninhibited releases something in both that threatens to change the course of  their mundane lives.

Michael Ball and Imelda Staunton deliver perfectly pitched performances as Tubby and Enid. Both convey the sense of loneliness and the sadness the pair share.

Director/Writer Wood’s main strengths of stand-alone witty musical numbers and moving period dramas is shown. From the comic to the poignant, the story hits home.


The songs can make writing purists groan with words such as ‘our assets are meagre, there’s a whiff of Swarfiga’. Plus with nods to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers showing off the musical theatre conventions of the story – to sit alongside the gritty reality.



Wood’s direction isn’t afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve.  It makes connections to the common absurdities of musical theatre, but the piece stays just the right side of sentimentality.

Its laying down of the pieces took awhile but once it got going. It couldn’t be stopped. Good for British Musical fans.

That Day We Sang is released on DVD by Universal Studios on Monday 30 March. Certificate PG

Competition – Open to UK Only.



That Day We Sang Competition

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