The Device


The Device is a new sci-fi thriller that comes to DVD courtesy of Image Entertainment on 23rd March 2015.  

The film rests on the intrigue and allure of the unknown, inspired by countless abduction cases from across the world, John Portanova (The Invoking) brings to life the fear of  deadly alien invasion.  

Starring Angela DiMarco (Trauma), Kate Alden (The Right Place) and David S. Hogan (Shadowed), The Device is found by two sister deep in the woods.  It is seemingly harmless, just a small sphere, but it is s mysterious and seductive, they have no idea just how much this things will change the course of history.  

5069Finding The Device is just the start of a terrifying and wildly unimaginable course of events that will change the way the world is, it will alter everything we know, everything we have ever imagined and bring our darkest nightmares to the surface.  Dark and sinister, this movie will have you teetering on the edge of your seat as the backdrop of a strangely eerie forest only adds to the atmosphere of the film.

Today we have a competition for you to win a copy of The Device on DVD for yourself.  Make sure to follow the instructions and complete all of the mandatory entries.  Good luck.


Win a copy of The Device on DVD

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  1. Miss Tracy Hanson on

    Done most of my “wildest” dreams. Met some of my fav rockbands.
    Worst nightmare is my family/friends not being happy.

  2. Cheryl Irvine on

    My wildest dream would be winning the Euromillions! Amazing. My worst dreams normally involve being chased and not being able to scream… heart pounding stuff.

  3. Gina Raymond on

    Wildest dream: to wake up and it’s 1986 again so I can live my life right this time. Darkest nightmare: losing my children 🙁

  4. Rachel Butterworth on

    My wildest dream would be winning the lottery and my darkest nightmare would be finding out it was all a cruel trick.

  5. wildest dream i am on a small holding surrounded by loads of animals and smiling like a cheshire cat
    darkest nightmare losing my son nobody should have to bury their child

  6. Sue McCarthy on

    Getting back with my ex-boyfriend & living happy ever after and getting marooned in shark infested waters!

  7. Allan Wilson on

    Wildest Dream – winning the Euromillions triple rollover. Worst nightmare – Winning the Euromillions triple rollover!!!!

  8. My wildest dream is to win the lottery. My biggest nightmare is winning the lottery and not being able to find the ticket.

  9. My wildest dream is finding a door in my house that I never knew was there and in it is everything I have ever lost (from treasures as a child to things that I forgot that I ever had). <3 My worst nightmares involve all of my teeth falling out 🙁 x

  10. My wildest dream would be to scuba dive the Great Barrier Reef and my darkest nightmare would be to be locked in a room with my mother-in-law!

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