The Digital Astronauts Guide To The Universe – An Introduction


Over the next few months we will be exploring the Universe and hope that you will come along for the ride.  We will be adventuring to each of the planets and check out constellations, as well as finding out about the International Space Center, Hubble Telescope and space missions.  Our hope is to take a journey with you through the past, present and future of space exploration and of course along the way introduce you to some fantastic books, gadgets, games and much, much more. 

did you knowUniverse2Go

Of course any trip to space is going to mean we need a little help and for us, our virtual foray into the darkness of the Universe, will be added by Universe2Go, pour personal planetarium.  As you may think from the name, this clever device allows you to experience the universe and all it has to offer, on the go and almost in your pocket.

o_afb08a6b46e79564-0Universe2Go consists of three components:

  • Universe2Go App
    • Free to use Starmap
    • Planetarium (a code is received with the U2G device)
  • Universe2Go Viewer
  • The Universe.

Okay so you don’t get the universe in the box, but you might as well have, you see, once you set up the app you place it into the specially designed viewer.  This then enables you, when you hold it up to your eyes, to see a projected image in front of you.  You can use it inside, just turn the lights off and explore, or you an go out into the night and use it when stargazing.

How does it work?

TE_01241There are various ways to use Universe2Go, which we will list here, but over the coming months we hope to explore our Solar System and beyond with the help of our device and the different ways in which it can be used.  

  • Starter Mode 
    • Showing the stars and constellation lines, Starter Mode allows you to focus on an object, highlight it (by moving your head) and then hear an audible explanation of the stars you are viewing.  (This can be outside, lining up with the stars in the sky above you, or indoors in the comfort and warmth of your own home).
  • Discoverer Mode 
    • This is a slightly more in depth look at the night sky.  There is important information right in your viewing screen as you pan over stars and their constellations.  The brighter ones also come with audible descriptions that site interesting facts and things that are a little different about them!
  • Mythology Mode
    • This is a fascinating aspect of the U2G app.  In Ancient Greece, the scholars who viewed the stars would give them names and tell great stories about the characters they saw in the sky, heroes, monsters, maidens and kings, all are there.  In Mythology Mode, highlighting the stars will tell you all about these tales.
  • Deep Sky Mode
    • There is much in space that you can’t see with the naked eye or even a telescope, this is where Universe2Go allows you to travel deep into space and discover the nebulae, supernovas, star clusters and much more more.  It is awe inspiring and beautiful, filled with relevant information and a fabulous zoom function.
  • 3-D Mode
    • This mode is like a combination of the standard and Deep Sky options.  You see the universe in 3-D, so the nebulae you may have glimpsed in Deep Sky Mode, now will appear to be in the distance, much further away that you might have first imagined.  It lends perspective to your explorations! 
  • Quiz Mode
    • Put your skills to the test after spending some time in the universe and see if you can find the constellations in the sky.
  • Search
    • This is a fantastic option for using the app and device.  If you hear about a far off planet or want to find out more about a particular star, you can use the search function to go directly to it.
  • Expert Mode
    • This mode allows you to take your adventure to the next level by tailoring your experience to your needs.

o_84f1d4678ec30048-1All in all Universe2Go is incredible versatile and lets anyone have access to the universe with just a nod of the head.  Perfect for people who are stuck indoors, have cloudy skies, or even can not afford the stargazing equipment they would like.  The tremendous amount of information and various ways in which you can explore all of those details makes this a unique and quite frankly brilliant thing to have to hand for anyone who has a keen interest in space, especially children as it is so easy to use.

You can find out more about Universe2Go on their website! 

If you want to follow our adventures in Space we will be tweeting with #DigiAstroGuide and have many exciting articles coming in the next few weeks.  One last thing, we would like to introduce you to Luna, our very own Digital Astronaut that will be with us every step of the way.

intro spcdud

You’ll spot Luna as we guide you through the universe, she will pop up with interesting facts and information every now and then, just so we don’t forget anything important! You might have seen her earlier! 

Until next time…we feel like there should be a Star Trek quote here or hand signal or some kind…

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