The Digital Astronaut’s Guide to the Universe – Mars




Size ( circumference around the Equator):



Temperature Range:

Day (In Earth hours):

Orbit (In Earth Days):

Speed of Orbit (mph):

Distance from the Sun (miles):

Distance from the Sun (AU):


Phobos and Deimos

13233 miles

96% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Argon, 2% Nitrogen and 1% Other

-140ºC – 30ºC

24 hours 37 minutes

687 Days

53,858 mph

142,000,000 miles

1.5 AU


Mars - Courtesy of NASA

Mars – Courtesy of NASA


Discovered in: 

As early as 400BC

Discovered by:

Egyptians or Babylonians

Can be seen with the naked eye?


First Photo Taken:

July 14th 1965 

First Mission to:

Mariner 4 – NASA

First Manned Mission to:


First Image of Mars Courtesy of NASA

First Image of Mars Courtesy of NASA


Distinguishing Features

Mars is known as the Red Planet, an appearance it gets from the surface being rich in iron oxide, a dust that covers the planet.

Much like Earth, Mars has two polar caps .

The surface of Mars is covered in over 43,000 large impact craters and many more besides that remain undiscovered.

Where is it in our Solar System?

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, sitting between Earth and Jupiter, at an incredible 142,000,000 miles, or 1.5 AU from our central star.  That is one and a half times the distance between the Earth and the Sun.  You would need to walk around the Earth’s equator over 5,700 times to equal that distance.

grand canyon


Interesting Facts

So far, Mars has the largest mountain in the Solar System, it is roughly three times the size of Everest at a staggering 15.6 miles high! The mountain is called Olympus Mons.

Mars is prone to huge dust storms enveloping and sweeping across the surface.

Currently, Mars is the only planet that we know of, that is completely inhabited by just robots.  This is due to the missions that humans have led to the Red Planet in which they can get the machinery to Mars, but have not been able to get the robot explorers back to Earth, so they instead roam the surface of Mars collecting data and sending it back to us, until it malfunctions.


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