The Digital Astronaut’s Guide to the Universe – Satellites


Satellites are the celestial bodies that orbit planets, or as we like to all them, moons.  It wasn’t until 1610 that Galileo discovered moons orbiting Jupiter and it was later still that the discovery of moons around Saturn were made in 1655.   Of course the world had to wait for technology to improve before the discovery of moons around the Solar System’s furthest planets was made.  It was in 1851 when the moons of Uranus were found, this was some 70 years after the planet itself was discovered.  

We, of course are fascinated by the Moon, our closest satellite and the only one which belongs to us, or rather to our planet.  Aside from Eris, a dwarf planet, we are the only planet to have just one moon.  There are a few with no moons at all, well none that we have discovered as yet…The Solar System


That is a lot of moons!  It would be natural to think that space is super cluttered and wonder just how they manage to not crash into each other.  We have a neat piece of software called Universe Sandbox 2 and with it we are able to explore the universe a little more freely, so we created a video for you, traveling about the Solar System and having a look at a few of the satellites that are orbiting the various planets.  

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