The Disappearance


Today sees the release of the BBC Four hit French drama that saw over five million viewers, The Disappearance on Blu-Ray and DVD, courtesy of Nordic Noir and  Beyond.  After topping the charts in France, BBC Four optioned the show and aired the first two episodes back to back, towards the end of May.  

After going to the Lyon Festival of Music, Léa (Alix Poisson – The Returned) goes missing leaving her parents Julien and Florence at their wits end, facing every parent’s worst nightmare.  Léa was a good daughter and a straight A student, her disappearance was a total shock to her family.  At 3am on the morning of her disappearance, Léa left an message on the answering phone saying “Daddy! It’s Léa, if you’re here please pick up!”

The Disappearance_1mWhilst Florence tries her utmost to keep some semblance of normality for her other two children, Zoe and Thomas, it is easy to see that Léa’s brother is consumed with guilt.  He had promised to come home with Léa  from the festival and breaking that promise is eating him alive.  Julien takes it upon himself to find Léa as sitting around and doing nothing makes him feel useless.  

Inspector Molina is the lead investigator in the disappearance of Léa and he is thorough in his efforts to uncover what happened to the young girl and exactly where she is.  He discovers that Léa was not as straight forward as the world seemed to think, the young girl was much more complex than anyone had thought.  The investigation follows every lead and eventually begins to uncover some of the deepest and darkest secrets that belong to not just Léa, but everyone around her.

THE_DISAPPEARANCE_2D_DVDTwists and turns, a chilling drama that will have you questioning everyone and everything as you watch Inspector Molina explore the events around The Disappearance.


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