The El May Experience – Live/Album/Interview – Part 1


We had the opportunity recently to chat to Lara Meyerratken (The Lead Singer of El May) about her life, music and other stuff.

Can you describe your music in your own words?

It is a mixture of indie and pop but it is also very melodic. My friend coined the phrase – “conscious pop”.

We like it, after hearing your music We agree – it hits that conscious nerve in a great way.

What has been your musical journey?

I started in New York as a session musician and begun playing mainly in other bands. I then decided to take the leap for myself with a move to LA. In LA I had one place rather than touring with other bands which meant I could really focus on developing my sound for El May.

I also have had jobs on the composing side of things, I have been able to use that “business” work to help push myself through with my El May work. Using that high pressure environment, where it was great for my craft and use that energy – add a bit of fun and build up my album.

Sounds like you have had a great musical journey, listening to the music – you can hear the way your music has developed with great character.

Having listened to your Album, what were your main inspirations for this latest Album?

I used this album to define myself as a person. I was, at the time, straightening out my life and really working on myself. I am a composer as well so I put in unique elements where I wanted them to make every track/song stand out differently.



Album - The Other Person is You.

Album – The Other Person is You.


We can hear it, it is a good dynamic to a album. We can see music keeps you busy with the composing, the music, and the tour now – What do you do to relax?

Going to craft fairs, cafes and going for walks around LA. LA is a great place for a creative mind to live.

I like being creative and like tangable projects as well. Music goes into the ears but you cannot touch it with your hands so I like pottery and painting. My painting and drawings even helped put a bit of a fund together for touring.

These tangible projects have helped me allot, a while ago I injured my knee skiing and couldn’t perform. So I started painting and found myself reconnected to that form of craft again because of it.

So We can see why you started the “Little Gems” Site. It made sure you still had an avenue for your creative nature.
What are the origins behind your names, Meyerratken is a strange name (We haven’t heard of it before) and your band name as well.

Meyerratken is my step dad’s name, I took it at a young age. I believe it is Dutch/German. El May meanwhile, “May” is my middlle name and I had a account on a old social site and my username was “El May”. An old boyfriend suggested that as the name and it just stuck from there.

El May is mainly me but its the band’s name so when I hire musicians – they can say they were part of El May.



How was it shooting “I Played a Role” – It seemed a great concept and it looked to be great to film.

My friend Yaara Sumeruk came up with it, and it was a exhausting 2 days to film it. It was hard to go up to everyone and get that courage to talk to people. We got lucky with people, especially in the subway.

It’s funny, it was only me and 2 other people so I had to deal with wardrobe and other things as well. I decided on the pink suit and we just had fun with it.

Good to see you had fun. In Part 2 –  Tomorrow – last few interview questions and a review of the Album and the Live concert experience.

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