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If you’ve got a special event coming up then maybe you want some glamorous accessories to match. But you’re not sure if you’ll wear them that often, will that mean you’re wasting your money? With so many beautiful jewellery options around there are hundreds of ways for us to be tempted from our hard-earned money, and The Folly Boutique is offering a far more affordable way to look dazzling at an event.

The Folly Boutique has an extensive range of designer jewellery, all with distinctive styles and eye-watering beauty. You can opt to purchase an item and make it yours forever, or you can do what I did and rent a piece to complete your outfit. It’s surprising that the benefits of renting jewellery had never occurred to me before but I tend to wear kitsch and cute jewellery that doesn’t often fit within a grand ball, a wedding or large-scale work event. I can picture it being particularly helpful in situations where you may want a series of accessories to match but don’t want the expense of keeping them for good (e.g. with bridesmaids). For an affordable fee I can deck myself out with a designer piece that is far outside my traditional financial limits. This means I look at feel glamorous, the ideal result!

Ordering Jewellery From The Folly Boutique


Choosing an item made me feel like a child in a sweetshop but I ended up choosing a beautiful gold plated butterfly necklace designed by Anton Heunis. I liked the colourful but edgy vibe the piece presented and the price tag was also awesome! For £27 this item was mine to wear as I chose for three days, I could also expand this to 6 days for £54. Quite a difference from the £180 price tag this necklace had to purchase. Anton Heunis’s “Mood for Love” has been reportedly popular on the site for it’s bold design and colour choices, go have a look for yourself!

The delivery was fast once the item was ordered. I don’t think I placed my order at the end of the day but it certainly wasn’t before noon either. It was also a Friday so I was surprised when my doorbell rang at 9am promptly on the Saturday to present me with my package. Inside was a beautiful box topped with a bow, totally gorgeous! Once I opened the package I was then greeted by an equally attractive silver draw-string bag, which held the necklace. It’s strange how such small touches can really make opening a delivery feel like such a treat but The Folly Boutique uses several to make opening up their packages a total joy. The necklace inside was incredibly golden and decorated with beautiful and colourful crystals. The length was interesting and, despite the large decoration this necklace didn’t feel heavy or cumbersome to wear.


Sadly, I did not have a fancy ball to attend when this item arrived so I instead called my incredibly glamorous friend and asked if she’d like the chance to model. Before long she was at my house sporting several potential outfits so we had an impromptu photoshoot.

So what did my friend have to say about the piece. She agreed that the item was comfortable to wear, despite the weight you might approximate with its size. She also liked that the item was flexible in the centre, meaning that it could move naturally with her as she posed. This, along with the beautiful and intricate design, but this necklace a cut above anything I’d ever seen before. The chain was sturdy and bold and hung quite low on the neck, making it perfect for wearing with a low cut dress, as demonstrated by the photographs. It looked and felt glamorous, opening up the chance for someone like me to dress up in designer accessories!


folly collageA return postage bag is included in the package, which is also already paid for by The Folly Boutique. This means I just turned up at my local Post Office with my package in hand and they were happy to send it off. Incredibly simple to use and a great way to have some fun with a designer item of jewellery.

Stunning Quality and Amazing Service

So if you have a big event coming up and you want some accessories that will really turn heads without breaking the bank then consider renting from The Folly Boutique. Their delivery is incredibly fast and you could have a designer piece to add to your outfit even if you’re pushed for time. They have a tremendous range to choose from in a variety of styles. The necklace I had was of tremendous quality and a design that I’d never seen anywhere else before. And The Folly Boutique is set to introduce new stock for each season, meaning that there will always be something you’ll want to make yours for just a few days!

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