The Football Manager’s Guide to Football Management


Every football fan has sat yelling at the T.V. screen, declaring just how terrible the decisions being made by the manager are.  Then there are those football fans who actively try to prove their worth as a manager by playing fantasy football and entering a league with friends.  There is a third kind of fan, one who likes to completely immerse themselves in the world of football management by playing video games that will test their metal when it comes to striking the right balance and creating a winning side.

Football Manager is one of those games, in fact it is one of the most well known ones and its focus is entirely, as you might imagine from the name, management.  A simulation management game will place you in the hot seat and pit your wits against the best in the business, with names like Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Murinho and Arsen Wenger to name but a few, even the most adamant of fans would find managing the team, players skills, the boards expectations and even press conferences with the media, somewhat of a challenge.

It can be a daunting game to embark on, no matter your reasons and if you want to be able to say you are the best in the business, you will need to learn the ropes and gain a foundation on which to build your ultimate team and this book is just the thing to help you get that.  A guide on how to get the most out of this absorbing game, it will leave you feeling like a professional and ready to dust off your shell suit to go up against the best in the business.




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