The Force Awakens


Fans of Star Wars have been waiting for what seems like an eternity for the new installment of this epic series of movies.  This month we are celebrating all things Star Wars as the new movie is release at cinemas.

With film releases, especially ones that are so popular and have a massive following, there naturally is a huge flood of new and exciting memorabilia.  This can be anything and everything from clothing, books, toys and games, to soundtracks, jewellery and collectibles.   For fans this can be a pricey time and not everyone can fork out for the life size replica Ewok or prop from the original movies.  

There are options out there for all budgets and one of our favourite picks right now has to be collectors trading cards.

Topps Journey To Star Wars : The Force Awakens Collector Trading Cards

Packet Wrap Visual 1 UKGetting started is really easy, picking up one of the starter packs gives you everything you need.  It includes a Collector Guide, Collector Binder and 8 trading cards.  That is not all, if you pick up the starter set then you will get a special Limited Edition Luke Skywalker Trading Card, a fantastic foil card that is exclusive to the set.

The numbered cards feature all of your favourite characters and cards from The Force Awakens. Each card has information on the back that relates to the picture of the front.  In total there are over 200 fantastic Star Wars cards to collect and trade with friends and can be picked up at stores nationwide in packets of 8.  Every pack is guaranteed to contain one foil card for your collection but you need to keep a look out for the rare cards that could be hidden in any of the packs.  Rare cards include Rainbow Foil Cards, of which there is one in every three (1:3) packets and Limited Edition Rainbow Cards that can be found, a total of one for every thirty six packs (1:36).

Star Wars Key Ring

If you are a big fan of the Star Wars universe and the anthology of films, then there is no better way to show it than to use your keys by adding a key ring.  This stunning, high quality key ring is made from silver metal and is embossed on the reverse with the Star Wars logo.  On the front the metal rectangle to black and features the words Star Wars in silver and little silver stars dotted around the background.

Available from

downloadStar Wars Gift Set

Of course people celebrate their favourite books and movies in many ways.  This mini gift set is definitely one that the younger among us would enjoy, it includes:

  • Star Wars Wristband
    Big, bold and black, this wristband has the words Star Wars in the iconic font we all know and love, in white.
  • Star Wars Key ring
    The key ring matches the wristband, stylish, rubberised and using the iconic Star Wars font to display the title of our favourite series of films from the mind of George Lucus.
  • Star Wars Sticker Sheet
    An exciting sheet of stickers, the owner can either show their affinity with the Jedi Knights and Yoda or with the Dark Side and Darth Vader.  Perfect for covering notebooks and pencil cases, drawers and boxes, any surface would be made better with one of these fantastic stickers.

Available from Asda



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