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With Festival Season in full swing, parties on the beach and BBQs, we tend to spend lots of time with friends and family, drinking, enjoying the sun and probably above all, enjoying some music, whether it be at a festival or streaming.  There are naturally plenty of opportunities to for self expression, fancy dress and flinging your hangs out, spinning Sound of Music style being just two of them, what better way to embrace the crazy summer nights, that to adorn yourself with the head of a fox.

9781780977317.PT01Okay, before you panic, we aren’t advocating going to the woods to find yourself a fine and dandy fox to do horrendous things to.  No, we have a much better solution, The Fox from Carlton Books.  This nifty book is about the size of a 12″ vinyl LP and contains within it all of the components (bar glue and such), for you to put together the head of a fox.  when we say head, we mean instead of making a mask and prancing about the festivals, you can actually cover your entire head and leave you looking like a finely tuned, geometric half fox had human hybrid.

9781780977317.MAINNot only is this a fun project that you can undertake and complete inside thirty minutes, the mask itself has been created and designed by Steve Wincroft, an artist who has captured the imagination of festival goers across the globe with him unique masks.  He also ensures that every box, whether Fox, Skull or other, they are made using sustainable materials and therefore are not adding to the damage caused by deforestation and so on.

If you fancy grabbing yourself one of these quirky and fun projects, that create something truly unique and beautiful, just pop along to Carlton Books and check them out.


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