The Ghosts of Karnak


Steampunk has an absolutely incredible following now, it seemingly came out of nowhere and now people are slightly obsessed.  No idea what Steampunk is? Well it is a genre within science fiction and tends to focus on steam powered, industrial machinery and Victorian inspired clothing. steampunk is now really big in the world of fiction and a popular Steampunk series by George Mann is just getting a new addition to its ranks, Ghosts of Karnak.

Ghosts of Karnak is set in an alternative vision of what the 1920s could have been, New York combined with the beauty ans mysticism of Ancient Egypt.  When Gabriel, the Ghost – senses that something is afoot due to the unusual quietness of New York, he isn’t sure if it is just the incredible heatwave that is causing the sensation of pressure gradually building, building to a point where eventually it will bubble over.

Gabriel’s interest is peaked when an expedition from Cairo returns to New York with new and interesting artifacts, exhibiting their finds at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  He looks forward to seeing an old friend, an old lover, Ginny Gray.  Ginny should have been returning with the expedition, but for some reason she didn’t return with the ship.  

When Gabriel realises that something happened to Ginny he becomes determined to find Ginny and rescue her.  Whatever happened it was related to a mysterious cult, The Circle of Thoth, along with a strange ghostly figure covered in bandages that trail in its wake, sacrificial rites, a baboon with a clockwork eye, a resurrection machine and dust devils on Fifth Avenue. 

Will Gabriel be able to save Ginny?  The only way to find out is to read the gripping, page turning thriller Ghosts of Karnak, published by Titan Books for just £7.99 (RRP)

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